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Abortion and consecuences. Argumentative Essay

It simply means the act of killing, draining, outing, or preventing life or an innocent premature baby to be formed inside the womb. Abortion now is a well-known and a world-wide controversial issue. The abortion rate in Paula and the whole world has increased over the past few years. Many teenagers as they are like to have fun and tend to act promiscuous and one way or another would lead to teen pregnancy. And with that these teens would be afraid of the consequences that they would be facing and so they believe the only solution would be abortion.

Due to the lack of being careful or being irresponsible; choosing the wrong peers or rood; and by using different kinds of vices such as drugs, alcohol, marijuana and many more can lead to problems that ends up with abortion. There are two kinds of abortion known today. One is the act of purposely killing or draining the baby due to several reasons. And the other one is called Continuous abortion also known as miscarriage; which is the unintentionally killing of an innocent baby. People all around the world have their own different reasons for aborting a child.

Some people, aside from not yet being ready, they also tend to abort due to the fact to just escape from the responsibility. The responsibility of being an early mother that they have to give up their freedom and their life and start to be serious, start a living and to find a job. Some aborts due to their situation, it’s either they got pregnant accidentally (unwanted pregnancy), they were raped, for medical reasons, their living is not that stable enough to support the baby or they just plainly don’t want a child. There are many ways to abort a child.

For some women who find themselves pregnant and want to abort the child, they would rather go to an abortionist and abort the baby or they would start to use vices like rugs, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes and mostly everything and anything harmful and unhealthy to kill the baby. Some would drink poisonous chemicals or pills to drain it. Some would do a lot of extracurricular activities to kill it and pretend they had miscarriage. And if they are successful and the baby dies, they’ll just pretend that everything was just an accident and that they didn’t mean it, but the truth they really meant it on purpose or did it intentionally.

Most oftenest wrong decisions made often always happen in a party or sometimes it’s by mistake. It is supported by many that on most occasions specially parties, women, once they become intoxicated or uses a drug, they become out of control and would lose all their senses. Most female teenagers will be fooled by the opposite sex. Some perverted males tend to take advantage of them. For instance, when a woman, especially if she is still young, would lose control, that’s the time the bad decisions will occur.

Sometimes when they don’t know, their partner or a stranger would start to get intimate with them while they are drugged; they are weak and they don’t know what to do but to just go with the flow with what is happening to them. That’s when they start to have unprotected or undefended sex. In the morning when the female realizes what has happened, she would be very confused and most likely regret everything that happened and doesn’t remember anything at all. Then after days or weeks, the girl will start to feel odd and starts to have morning sicknesses. That’s when everything stops!

She now then realizes she is pregnant, due to what happened that night at the party. One night of pleasure, now comes a big decision to make. Since she is still a teenager, she is most likely terrified to let her parents know of the stake she has done and now she has nothing else to do but to abort the child. Why? Because of the fact that she is still young doubtless her parents will be disappointed and wouldn’t accept the baby; she doesn’t want to be a teen mom yet; or SSH?s not yet physically, mentally and financially ready to take care or support the baby.

Even though it hurts, she thinks she has no choice but to do it. She thinks it’s the end of the world for her but actually what she should or can do is to keep the baby and just face all Of the consequences instead of aborting it; and she doesn’t need to feel any shame, cause what happened that night is all her fault due to her carelessness. Sometimes because of a females’ lack of care, they would fall into a dilemma that they would regret and for sure will disappoint their parents. But some parents are very supportive with their child.

If their daughter became pregnant and her situation is not stable, they have no choice but to support their daughter from aborting the child. For example, a woman is pregnant with her baby and she has a heart disease problem and the Doctor said that it’s complicated and it’s going to be either the mother or the baby that will survive. Its a situation between life and death. Even though it’s hard for some people, off course, they would rather lose the baby. For this kind of situation, we can call it an acceptable reason to abort due to Medical Reasons.

But in some rare occasions they would rather save the baby instead only depending on the mother’s (the one delivering) decision. But in the other hand, for the understanding parents, even though it’s hard for them to accept the mistake that their daughter have committed, they have no choice but to just accept and support the child. Like what can they do, abortion is illegal and unpleasant, so perhaps, just accept and live with it for it’s already there and that love is the reason why for accepting it.

Teenagers most likely still want to have fun, go to parties, and hang out with friends and they don’t want to have burdens. They don’t want to worry about things like the responsibility to buy milk, diapers, taking care of the baby whole day in the house, try and keep the baby from crying and staying up until what time trying to make it sleep. Especially when they are poor or unstable, they are not yet ready to supply the baby’s needs; above all when they don’t have a job, child support or anything involving financial support. But also put in mind that abortion is not the only solution.

You can always have the baby and have it for adoption. In some cases, like for example, young couples of a male and female really loves each other and they accidentally had unprotected sex, off course, there is a big possibility that the girl can be pregnant. So for instance if she becomes pregnant she would off course tell her mate about her situation. In some cases, the male party will not accept the baby and would advise or insist the girl to abort it. Or sometimes it’s vice versa; the male would want to accept it while the female doesn’t. This kind of situation is very hard and complicated.

But in some other situation, both parties will accept the baby and some will both agree to abort. In other words, for those people who push for abortion, it’s very useful especially for prostitutes. They can have sex all they want to earn the money they need and when they get pregnant they can just easily abort and do the same thing over and over again. It is their way of earning money for a living. But for some people who are against and have conscience, it is very hard. Yes, it might be easy to abort, but the effects after it will surely aunt you.

Even though you aborted the baby, the baby is gone but your sense Of right and wrong is not. Some people will have side effects like trouble sleeping comfortably at night; some would have nightmares; some would become crazy or insane or for some rare occasions, the guilt could lead to death. When I say insane, you can end up in the mental hospital or worst you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life depending on the person’s emotions and situation. This are called Mental Stabilities and the effects of the emotions. Abortion can also lead and affect the female’s Reproductive yester and the fallopian tube.

It is also not spiritually healthy. It is not pleasing in the eyes of the Lord and it destroys the moral fiber of the society. Abortion in some countries is legal due to overpopulation. Because of the place being so crowded and over populated, they try as much as they can to not add that up again. Theft why they just abort. In those overpopulated countries, they are pushing for abortion. But for some countries especially if it’s a small nation, it’s illegal and they prohibit it. Why? Because they are already very few so they as much as possible would want to increase their population and goes against it.

Thus, abortion is the act of killing, draining, cutting and preventing a life to be formed inside the womb. Due to most female’s actions of being careless, abortion always happens. They should be more cautious; be aware of the decisions they make; and be wiser and independent. When you get pregnant, Abortion is NOT the only solution. You can always talk to your parent and settle the discussion cause who knows they might support you or you can have the baby and set it for adoption. For some people, abortion is good therefore they are for it.

Just like the reconstitutes, it’s their own way of earning money for a living. For those people who are against it, just like religious people, they say it’s illegal and is not spiritually healthy in the eyes of the Lord and it destroys the moral fiber of the society. According to Bob Hope, “Abortion is a crime and a mortal sin in the face of God Abortion is not healthy and it can affect you physically by harming your Reproductive system and the fallopian tube. It can also affect you mentally and emotionally. There are lots of ways to abort, use drugs, alcohol and those other poisonous chemicals.

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