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Abolish Death Penalty Essay

Money is an object that determines what one does with their life and how they will live it out. People who live in the United States have to pay taxes annually and most of the time; they are not sure where their money goes. One place tax money goes is to prisoners and prisoners on death row. Millions of dollars are spent on prisoners on death row. More money is spent on those prisoners than prisoners in county or state penitentiaries. This is a concerning topic because it is highly debated whether certain states or the whole country should abolish the death penalty and how we should go about it.

Many people believe it should just be better shown where you tax money goes and how much go to death penalty costs. The USA should abolish the death penalty in the United States and all of its territories because the money value of death row is too high. Some subtopics are it is very immoral and it is not accurate every single time and people die from it. Cost of the death penalty is too high and tax payer’s money is going there when they should be going somewhere better. It cost much more annually for a prisoner on death row than a normal prisoner in jail.

The amount of money it costs to send a prisoner to death row, whether it is the trials in court or anything else for that matter, is substantially more money then the same case without involving the death penalty. “Each death penalty case cost an average of $1 million more than a similar case where the death penalty was not sought” This shows that if the US government was more concerned with the tax payers money that it would be spent doing something more beneficial. These criminals are still being severely punished for their actions but unless there is a cheaper way to put a criminal to death it should not be done.

Tax payers in this country are very concerned with their money but are not sure by any means where their money is being spent. When a survey was taken, it was asked “What percentage of you taxes do you believe goes to prisons? ” and more than 85% said less than 5. Another astonishing fact is when it was asked if people would rather be a prisoner or homeless, more than half said prisoner because they are given full meals every single day. This first evidence shows that as tax payer’s people really do not have any idea to where their money is going because in reality way more than 5% of their taxes are going to prisons, it is more around 20%.

Second it is shown how much money we spend on our prisoners daily to feed them at the very least, People would rather be in prison then going day to day wondering if you will eat because you know you will in prison. The death penalty should be changed in any sort of way that would reflect a positive money value. That could either be changing the way a prisoner is executed and how the trials are formed, or wiping out the death penalty and just trying them for their crimes. ]

Trials for people being placed on death row carry over and take too long, and along with more trials being carried over means more money being spent on these trials and in some cases they have not even been proven to be 100% accurate. Multiple times someone has been proven not guilty or gui even when there is evidence pointing the other way which causes more court cases and ultimately more money “There is no way to tell how many of the more than 1,000 people executed since 1976 may also have been innocent. Courts do not generally entertain claims of innocence when the defendant is dead.

Defense attorneys move on to other cases where clients’ lives can still be saved. ” Death penalty cases have multiple trials no matter what and this shows even through all those trials that it was not proven completely accurate at the same time. Trials, like what has been stated before cost a large amount of money to pay for all the expense. Specifically, death penalty caseshave multiple trials to make sure the person is innocent or guilty before they are put to death. All of these trials cost money and the more trials there are the more tax oney is ended up being spent on the same trial over and over again.

There are really only two options when it comes to these cases, there is either a more efficient way found where one is proven innocent or guilty in one trial, or we lower the costs of each trial by compensating things but aren’t completely necessary to hold a fair and equal trial. Morality of killing someone is wrong and we should abolish this from all laws because we are spending out tax money and normal citizen’s money on killing people, which in fact is making us all killers. Quote from tax payer/mom talking about how her taxes is going to murdering someone that she has no idea of what he did or his crime) Many people are murdered based on the death penalty using tax payer’s money to pay for their trials, meals, housing and ultimately their execution.

Maureen Clifford stated, “I believe it is morally wrong to kill anyone in general no matter what but in a way I understand why some people must be put to death for their crimes they have committed, but I do not want my money or anything to do with me aiding the killing of that man or woman. Analysis: Talk about how this is just an ordinary tax payer’s money and they sound more intelligent about the topic then most government officials and she has a heart to people who are suffering.. No matter how vicious the crime, no matter how vile the criminal, some death penalty opponents feel certain that nobody can ever deserve to die — even if that person burned children alive, massacred a dozen strangers in a movie theater, or bombed the Boston Marathon. Other opponents admit the worst of the worst of the worst do deserve to die.

They just distrust the government ever to get it right. Now that pharmaceutical companies refuse to supply the lethal drugs that U. S. corrections departments have used for years to execute criminals, whether from their own genuine moral objections or to escape a threatened economic boycott, states have begun to experiment. Death penalty opponents, who call themselves abolitionists, then protest the use of these untried drugs that just might cause a condemned killer to feel pain as he dies.

Indeed, it is not fair that murderers are often given parole after only a few years in jail. That is the reason that I would suggest those convicted of murder should be jailed for life with no option for parole. No matter how good the murderer is in jail, he/she should not be given parole. There are plenty of bridges and roads that need to be repaired. Let the convicted murderer work for the public good for the rest of his life. True, this will never make up totally for the misery of the victim’s loved ones.

But at this point in time, it seems better than the alternative. The death penalty is much more expensive than life without parole because the Constitution requires a long and complex judicial process for capital cases. This process is needed in order to ensure that innocent men and woman are not executed for crimes they did not commit, and even with these protections the risk of executing an innocent person can not be completely eliminated.

If the death penalty was replaced with a sentence of Life Without the possibility of Parole, which costs millions less and also ensures that the public is protected while eliminating the risk of an irreversible mistake, the money saved could be spent on programs that actually improve the communities in which one lives. The millions of dollars in savings could be spent on: education, roads, police officers and public safety programs, after-school programs, drug and alcohol treatment, child abuse prevention programs, mental health services, and services for crime victims and their families.

We should abolish the death penalty in the United States and all of its territories because money value of death row is too high. Some subtopics are it is very immoral and it is not accurate every single time and people die from it. (Re-order) This affects more than just people who are being killed. It effects people who are tax payers because their money goes to a cause that has to do with killing someone, this also affects that same taxpayers moral because they are physically paying for someone’s death.

They are not even sure of what that person’s crime is. Finally the money value is affected because the court cases are very expensive and when it comes down to it, the death penalty cases cost much more and require many more court dates. Something needs to be changed about the death penalty when it comes to the money required for it. Money is something that most people live without and is essential to our lives. Money makes the world go round.

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