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A Christmas Paw: A Short Story Essay

The evening sky glister down to the reflection of the streets covered in white snow, little crystals shining brightly as ever. I reached Chiyoda where Itachi told me to meet up. As I was waiting in front of the Tokyo station, I watched strangers with their families, friends or beloved ones laughing and chatting. Additionally, I admired that the city transform into a sparkling winter wonderland as millions of colorful lights are displayed on trees, on and around buildings. It was truly a remarkable and unbelievable sight. I hummed to a variety of Christmas songs to keep me occupied nd of course, bring my Christmas spirit.

A small smile appeared on my face as l couldn’t stop to think that I will be spending time with Itachi, best of all experience Marunouchi Illumination. From my research, there will be an elegant and eco-friendly evening strolls spot. As you wander down the tree-lined of Marunouchi naka-dori, you’re suppose to feel like a princess or a queen as possible 200 roadside trees of LED bulbs with their original shade of champagne gold, twinkling elegantly on the trees lining. I giggled to myself, envisioning the picture perfect and the “date”.

It’s going to be truly amazing! “Hey, sorry I’m late! How long did you wait? Itachi asks, huffing and puffing. I stared lovingly into his onyx eyes. His nose was red like the unique reindeer, rudolph. “I didn’t wait for too long. Actually, I got here. ” I lied, shooting him a smile to avoid being caught. I did wait for long, almost too long that I’m freezing half to death. Before we even started to walk, he fixed my knitted hat and crochet infinity ombre blue scarf. I was going to ask him what he was doing, until he said, “Are you warm enough? If not, tell me. ” he smiled. Once again, I stared deep in his onyx eyes. I was lost for words. could feel my face boiling.

This feels like a winter love story, where Itachi and me are the main characters falling in love. And this is the part where in the movie, the guy leans in to kiss and say “I love you. ” No! Not right now! Gah! I need to stop thinking this thing and get on with this somewhat date. “Are you ready to go, [Y/N]? ” shook my head, still trying to clear my mind off. He began leading the way. During our mini walk, we were quiet. Not that we have nothing to talk about, but I was being very ascinated by the lights, food, sculptures and mini shops that surrounded us. I felt like a five year child that wanted everything.

At last, we finally reached to our designated area. I ran ahead, twirling myself as I look up to see the LED lights. It was true, they were beautiful. It felt like I was cast in a film. It was so majestic and romantic! ladmired them for a few minutes until I saw a flash of light and a “snap” sound coming from Itachi’s direction. I turn to look at him and saw his eyes, crescent like the moon. He just took a picture of me. I’m not sure whether I should accept his or tell him to delete it. Perhaps he didn’t actually take a picture of me. Maybe he saw something that was towards my direction and took the picture.

Ignoring the possible outcomes, he walks up to me, putting his phone away in his pocket. “Are you having fun? ” “More than having fun! I’m really into this! ” I cheerfully said. Just then, Itachi sneezed. “Bless you. ” “Thank you. ” I watch him take out a handkerchief and wiped his snot. This made me worried as he has been sneezing most of the walk. I couldn’t decipher if he’s running a fever or what, due to his face almost half covered with his scarf. But I can’t let him walk in this cold chilly day! What if he was and he just faints out of nowhere? I’Il be really scared, in fact, I don’t even know what to do if he does! ll panic myself. I’m not a paramedic! “Are you sick, Itachi? ” I ask. “You’ve been sneezing since we’ve been walking. At time you would hold in your sneeze like I would never notice. Tell me honestly. ” He made a sigh. It was as if he didn’t want to tell me. “Itachi? ” I’m worried and annoyed at the same time. He’s not answering! “Yes, [Y/N]. I am indeed sick. ” I bit my corned lip.

“Why didn’t you stay home? ” “I wanted to. Since you don’t have a phone and because it was time to meet up, I figured you already left the house. So I gathered all my strength to come and meet you. ” I look down in disappointment. Oh… so it was my fault. ” I whisper. There was a moment of silent. At this point, there’s nothing much to say. I couldn’t force him to return home. I know for sure he’ll rebel. I mumbled to myself thinking what to do next, when suddenly he placed his hands on my shoulders. “I know what you’re thinking. I’m not backing down. Lett’s enjoy ourselves. ” he said, pulling down his scarf enough for me to see is oh-so-beautiful smile. “Mhm. ” Afterwards, we head down to a mini traditional Japanese shop that Itachi recommended. The place wasn’t crowded, but it was welcoming. We took our seats.

I took off my scarf, hat, and gloves as he did the same. A female waiter brought us our menus and asked what kind of drinks we wanted. I told her water and as for Itachi, he wanted tea. I scanned the menu, licking my lips as every option sounded so delicious, especially the desserts. Although I was looking and reading what kind of ingredients the meals had, I didn’t notice the price whether it be expensive or cheap. Still looking at the menu, I saw from my peripheral vision, Itachi closing the menu and putting it to the side.

“What are you getting? ” I question, still trying to figure out what will keep me satisfy. Ankake Udon with a small plate of dangos. ” I shook my head acknowledging his choice. “Alright, ‘ll get the Tempura dish with some slice of berry mini cheesecake. ” The waiter came in time as she took our orders and collected our menus. A sigh left my mouth as I begin playing with the chopsticks on my table. I never felt so awkward, even though I shouldn’t. I’ve known Itachi since the day I met him at Hiro’s irthday party along with Sasuke. And we’ve gotten closer.

Maybe it’s the feeling of being alone with him on this what I like to call it, a “date”. “Is there something wrong? ” I perk up at his voice. N-No. Nothing’s wrong! ” I stuttered. Gosh, dang it. I need to stop having moments to myself and engage a conversation with him. “So, Itachi? ” “Mhm? ” Great, I’m over here, fidgeting my thumbs trying to think of something to say. Usually, Shisui would be the one talking, but he’s not here! “So—” I was cut off by another waiter, he brought us our food. “Enjoy your warm food. ” Thank you” Itachi and I said simultaneously. I took a moment to inhale and exhale my food, forgetting the “engage with Itachi”. Oh man, it was so mouthwatering. I reached to grab a napkin, but it seems like Itachi was doing the same.

His hands were on top of mine. I glared at him, then the napkins and back at him. He quickly retrieved his hand and said, “Lady first. ” I could have sworn I saw a tint of blush. But I chose to ignore it since my face is probably conveying a tint of red. We were in the shop for about an hour where again, the atmosphere was quiet. I mean we talked here and there, but it was never long. Itachi said he was going to pay when I reached for my wallet. I told him let me pay for my food. I only brought 45 dollars with me and the food I chose wasn’t expensive. It was roughly around 20 dollars.

However, Itachi stood on his ground that he’ll pay for my meal. I frowned, knowing that I didn’t want him to pay. Before leaving, Itachi told me that there was one more place he want us to attend before he took me home. When I asked him what was the place, he told me it’s a secret. He guided me to what it looks like a 52 stories above ground building. We enter the building to be bombarded by the frozen theme as I took off my gloves. The place was filled with crystals ordinances, a huge fountain laying in the middle with an Angel on top, snow cone vendor, snowman, fake snow on the ground and so many more.

We went up to the front desk, where we were greeted by two middle aged women. Itachi showed two VIP tickets to whatever place it was to them. Unaware of what he was doing, I just followed him. While being escorted to the evaluator, my hands brushed against Itachi’s. I immediately blush, covering my face with my scarf. HA! SLICK MOVE YOU GOT THERE! I wonder if he even felt that. Floor 52, the highest number it could go up was the floor we got off. As I step out, I checked around. It was amazing! I saw the whole view of Chiyoda and possible, my home!

All the pretty colored lights were really beautiful. My eyes sparkle seeing this view. Another flash of light went behind me. I turn around quickly enough to see Itachi with his phone out. “What do you think you’re doing? ” I question. “Trying to keep memories. ” He simply stated. I was going to say “why were you taking pictures of me then? ” until a young lady in uniform came over and asked us if we were ready to attend the Starry Night Illuminations event. Not too sure what she was saying, but Itachi answered, “Yes. Itachi followed the young lady as I did also.

She brought us to a medium sized room, where it was perfect to see the dark night sky. The young lady gave us a little tour, explaining that these computers in front of us generate the starry sky. It reflects over the actual city skyline. She also states that if we had a smartphone, we could create our own night view by using their free app. Of course, I didn’t have one. I wasn’t sure if Itachi had one either. Though the lady said that we could use their computer if we didn’t have one, but our precious work won’t be saved and it will be deleted. I was a little upset knowing this information.

I won’t be looking back at the stupid night sky I tried making. The young lady left, leaving Itachi and I alone, standing next to each other. “This is cool. ” Itachi said. “You got that right! ” | respond. I went to one of the touch screen computers to design my own. I wasn’t sure what I was going to design, but I know for sure something memorable. Maybe I’ll ask Itachi to take the picture once I’m finished and then send it to me via email. I looked through the many designs. What the lady didn’t tell us that we could apply a text! What? I didn’t know that. Technology these days are so advance.

Not sure what Itachi was doing, but I began choosing my design template of the perfect starry sky. I could have made my own, but I realize that I need more time to create it. Once I clicked the one that I wanted, I then click the paintbrush icon to write my text. And I simply wrote, “Thank you Itachi! I love you. ” with different color of hearts surrounding the text. Theard another snap from a camera. I quickly turned around, and Bam! Another flash of light blinding me. “Dang it, Itachi! Stop it! ” “But I love this picture. It says I love you. ” he points at the window.

Wait, what? Confused at what he’s saying, I look out. I facepalmed myself. I didn’t know while working on your design that you can see it. Great, now he thinks I probably like him…. this is truly embarrassing. What was I thinking. I turn to face Itachi, who had a smirk on his face while looking probably the pictures on the phone. I stomped my way to him, A Christmas Paw: A Short Story hands on my hip. “Go and delete the picture! ” He gave me his l’m-not-listening-to-you-face as I pout. “Go on, delete it! ” | persist. He puts his phone away and grin. Then leans closer to my face, “You look cute when you’re mad. “

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