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1950s Technology and Inventions

On the 1950s great technology was created. This technology helped change the future and made people realize the use of new technology and how they could improved things like audio technology, which has changed over the years but the concept is still the same. One of the greats inventions that has made changed the world in most of the houses in America TV remote. J. Andre-Thomas invented the first heart-lung machine, allowing advanced life-support during open-heart surgery. The A. E. C atomic energy commission starts to develop atomic energy use, like in electricity and nuclear submarines.

This technology helped save many lives and encouraged people to develop even greater technology. The remote control for the TV, was developed on June of 1956 for military use, but the idea goes back to 1893. The first remote control was described by Nikola Telsa in U. S patent 613809, but the first remote control for television was created by The Zenith radio corporation they created what they called “lazy bones”, however it was not wireless, it was attached to a cable. It was not until 1955 that Eugene Polley created the first wireless remote control.

The remote was called the flash- matic, and work by photocells on each corner of the TV screen but it didnt work so well because on sunny days the sun would change the channels by itself, in 1956 they created the Zenith space command un like other remote controls this was a unique system that used ultrasonic waves. This design would be used for the next twenty five years. Another great invention that has helped save lives was created by John Heysham Gibbon Doctor Gibbon wanted to develop a devise that could replace the heart and lungs for more successful hearth operations.

Doctor Gibbon started his research on 1931 when he lost a young patient. He started the developing of the heart lung machine, but his research was stopped by World War II. It was not until the 1950s that he retook to his work using his research from earlier years. He started using the machine on dogs, and using this new technology 12 dogs were kept alive for more than an hour. But it was not until 1953 that the first lung-heart machine was use on a human with a success. On the 1950s new uses were given to nuclear energy.

For example, in December 1951. in Arco, Idaho, an experimental breeder reactor produced the first electrical power from nuclear energy by creating a nuclear reactors to contain the nuclear and radioactive material, and them extracting the energy from changes that occurred in the structure of the nuclei of atoms. These changes are called nuclear reactions. Energy created in a nuclear reaction is called nuclear energy, or atomic energy. And on 1952 the first nuclear submarine was created.

It was called the Nautilus, and it worked by using heat from the nuclear reaction to power steam turbines. This concludes just some of the inventions that were create in the 1950s. Some made a big impact on saving lives, like the heart lung machine, and some were useful such as taking advantage of nuclear energy. Dont forget the TV remote, which is now used in most of the houses in America. Many more inventions that helped shape the world, and made us want to use and create more technology for many purposes.

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